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Marry a Livejournal User

Marry An LJ User
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Welcome to Marry A Livejournal User, a community dedicated to you and the people you want to marry! Here you can propose to one of your friends, and with their consent, you will be made officially LJ-married. Sound interesting? Then read over the guidelines and post your proposal today :)

The community was created and originally moderated by midori_se7en and almostsurprised, who then passed it over to dubious, then vaguu, followed by luxrays and then monvenin and rhymeswithway who have now passed it onto seouldew ~

rules & guidelines.
&hearts Please place your proposal under a cut, no matter how long or short it is.
&hearts We will add you and your spouse's usernames to the marriage records once your proposal has been accepted.
&hearts A user may only be married to one person, as polygamous marriages are generally frowned upon by today's lawmakers, so please refrain from proposing to someone who is already married and do not accept multiple proposals. Seeing as there are already quite a few polygamous marriages granted in our records, they will still be valid, there will just be no more granted from hereon.
&hearts If someone proposes to you and you wish to turn them down, just message one of us mods and we'll remove the proposal.
&hearts Please let a mod know if you are in our marriage records and are changing usernames, as we will remove couple's names from the record list if either spouse's account appears to be deleted if we aren't informed otherwise.
&hearts Any and all insults including but not limited to those regarding race, religion, personal interests, sexual preferences, gender orientation, and grammar usage will result in your bannation. Also, please avoid posting comments with rude or hurtful rejections of proposals.
&hearts If you or your spouse choose to divorce, one of you needs to message a mod so we can retract your marriage contract. (AKA, remove your names from the marriage records and mark your proposal entry as divorced.)
&hearts Once married, please link back to our community on your profile, in exchange for cupcakes and hugs.

&hearts List of married users.

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